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Soluble Down-Hole

Our proven formula is designed to break into smaller particles. In fact, we guarantee no clumping ever, which means you’ll never have angry customers with clogged wells.

Customize Your Formula

If you need a formula with exact drying time, we can help. We’ll create the perfect blend of solvents and additives to guaranteed your preferred dry time.

Fast Delivery

We cut out the middle man to save you time and money. Our professional in-house truck drivers and tankers bring your quality-controlled product straight to your door. In fact, if you order by 10 a.m., we’ll ship your order by 5 p.m. the next business day!

One-Year Protection Guarantee

Our proven formulas offer one-year of sucker rod protection in the field guaranteed.

Step 1. Email us and tell us a bit about your needs.

Step 2. Order your premium products with the help of your rep.

Step 3. Get your products delivered straight from our facility to yours.

Tour Our Facility &
See How Our Product Is Made

Step 1.
Email us with a brief description of your product needs.

Step 2.
Setup a time to tour our facility and learn how our premium sucker rod coating products are made.

Step 3.
Come to our company-owned facility for your scheduled tour!

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