Enjoy Longer-Lasting, Better-Looking Roads
with Fastphalt Road Building Products

Better Performance & Appearance

Environmentally-sound products make the road look and perform better, longer.

Free “Street Smart” Consulting Class

We want our clients to get the most out of our products. That’s why we offer our clients a Street Smart consulting class to cover best practices. Plus, lunch is provided for your team.


Our products are NSF-approved, making them safe for contact with drinking water.

Step 1. Email us and tell us a bit about your needs.

Step 2. Order your premium products with the help of your rep.

Step 3. Get your products delivered straight from our facility to yours.

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Step 1.
Email us with a brief description of your needs.

Step 2.
Schedule a time to talk to a PCT representative.

Step 3.
Get your questions answered on the spot!

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