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Pipe Coating, Lift Coating, and
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Who We Are

We were founded in Dallas, TX in 1989

We offer a diversified products line that includes low VOC water-based coatings

We also create products for city, county and state road construction

Where We Are

PCT’s manufacturing plant and corporate offices are situated on 10 acres, south of the Dallas Ft-Worth Metroplex in Cedar Hill, TX. The current facility has approximately 30 employees and has the capability to run up 18000 gallons of pipe coating material and 50000 gallons of road building materials per hour.

Why Choose Our Products

PCT, Inc is committed to the continual development of high-quality, eco-friendly pipe coating and asphalt road products. We strive to surpass the industry’s performance standards while keeping the environment clean for our future children. At PCT, Inc., we protect your water and your roads.

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